Q&A: Uche Peter Umez interviews poet Efe Paul Azino

AiW Guest: Uche Peter Umez

Efe Paul Azino Efe Paul Azino at the 2015 Ake Arts and Books Festival © Victor Ehikhamenor

Widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s leading performance poets, Efe Paul Azino has been a headliner at many of the nation’s premier poetry venues. He is the Director of the Lagos International Poetry Festival, Director of Poetry at the annual Lagos Book and Art Festival, and coordinator of spoken word poetry at the Open Door Series’ International Cultural Exchange and the Lagos Black Heritage Festival. Efe Paul Azino is the producer of Nigeria’s first spoken word poetry theatre production ‘Finding Home’ and has performed at Johannesburg Arts Alive Festival, Ake Book and Arts Festival, Lagos Book and Arts Festival, Lights Camera Africa Film Festival, and British Council Lagos Theatre Festival, amongst others. He is an Osiwa Poetry Residency Fellow. For Broken Men Who Cross Often, published by Farafina Books, is…

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