Souffles turns 50: Remembering the “Breath” of Moroccan Francophone Literature

AiW Guest: Khalid Lyamlahy

Khalid Lyamlahy recalls the role played by Moroccan review Souffles in initiating a new cultural movement in 1960s Morocco.

This is part of our joint series with the LSE Africa blog: Reflections on African Literature taking place this week alongside the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2016.

Why is francophone North African literature becoming increasingly popular in the UK and the US? Any attempt to answer this fundamental question should take into consideration two decisive factors: first, the development of postcolonial studies in English and American universities over the recent decades; second, the context of recent upheavals in Arab countries. In this context, reading francophone North African literature stands as a way to approach the dynamics of social, cultural and political movements and understand the multifarious challenges facing the Maghreb region. In Morocco, where politics and culture have often been subject to contentious but…

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