Future Visions: Five Breakout Talents in African Film Today

AiW Guest: Sarah Jilani

film africa logo © Film Africa

Returning to screens across London this past November, the Royal African Society’s annual Film Africa festival celebrated and promoted filmmaking from various countries across the continent. In a colourful week of reunions, fresh faces and thought-provoking discussions, the many film strands together screened over 50 films, animations and documentaries. There was a distinctly self-questioning and future-focused feel to the films and their surrounding discussion, with many of them concerned with what today can tell us about tomorrow – and how that tomorrow can be more innovative, humane, and enriching. From coming-of-age visions of Ethiopia to the bittersweet success of refugees reaching their new countries, these five memorable highlights are sure to become part of the continent’s best and most diverse voices in film today.

Hope (Dir. Boris Lojkine)

Hope_Still image (C) Film Africa

French director Boris Lojkine’s first feature follows a Nigerian woman and Cameroonian…

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