Ebook Central DDA: January purchases


After the relative quiet of December, the Ebook Central DDA saw much greater usage in January, and a total of 93 ebooks were triggered for purchase. These were from 39 different publishers, and while American and Canadian presses were very popular (the most frequently triggered publisher was, as in December, Indiana University Press, with a dozen titles purchased), there were also works from Australian, African and European presses. As usual, there was an eclectic range of subjects covered: everything from ethnographic methods to Japanese philosophy and American presidential rhetoric. Seven of the ebooks purchased were 2020 publications, including works on sports in film and modernist women writers; sometimes, the ebook versions are published before their print counterparts, so the DDA can offer the quickest way for readers to access brand new titles.

A selection of those titles which we now own outright as a result of the…

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