Review: Best “New” African Poets 2015 Anthology

AiW Guest: Rashi Rohatgi

Best “New” African Poets 2015 Anthologycover_preview
Anthologie Des Meilleures “Nouveaux” Poètes Africains 2015
Antologia Dos Melhores “Novos” Poetas Africanos 2015

We couldn’t give poets topics because we are not Africa. We didn’t want to determine what Africa speaks when she speaks” (xix).

The Best “New” African Poets 2015 Anthology, distributed in the USA by the African Books Collective (and in Cameroon by Langaa), is readable without being streamlined or cohesive. Editors Tendai R. Mwanaka and
 Daniel da Purifacação explain in their introduction that the organization of the anthology was very much a grassroots project, organized by poets themselves rather than by the establishments that often neglect them. They put out a call for poems in an array of languages designed to ensure readers in the maximum number of African countries: submit, they said, in English, French, or Portuguese, for an anthology of this name…

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