Event/CfP: 1st World Festival of Negro Arts: Past and Present (1966-2016), 8-10 November 2016, Dakar, Deadline: 30 August 2016

1st World Festival of Negro Arts: Past and Present(1966-2016),

8-10 November 2016, Dakar




At the invitation of Poet President Leopold Sedar Senghor, from 1 to 24 April 1966, Dakarhosted the 1st World Festival on Negro Arts. This momentous event took place in the wake of the Congress of Black Writers and Artists held in Paris (1956) and in Rome (1959) to highlight the contribution of Black writers to world literature. The event was focused on the defense and illustration of Black Art. In the words of President Senghor, it was meant to “show evidence of the participation of Negritude to the universal civilization through the richness of Black Art. ”

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Event: Bare Lit Festival, 26-27 February, London

aquotesBare Lit Festival: a literary festival focused entirely on writers of colour to highlight the amazing work being produced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers.

This February a new festival is set to change the UK literary landscape: Bare Lit, the country’s first literature festival devoted wholly to BAME authors.

Organised by Media Diversified, Bare Lit seeks to celebrate the work and achievements of BAME literary voices in the UK.

huchu Tendai Huchu

The two-day festival, which takes place on 26 and 27 February in London, offers a lineup of established and new international authors, including novelist Xiaolu Guo, poet Jane Yeh, London’s Young Poet Laureate Selina Nwulu, journalist and fiction author Robin Yassin-Kassab, and many more. Events focus on addressing the question of what it means to be a writer of colour in the 21st century, with performances, panels and conversations such as “Second-Generation Poets in Exile”…

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